Inspired by our Pro+ Anniversary Cable, The BimmerGeeks Expert Edition K+DCAN cable is the cable for all true enthusiast.


Built for durability, effiency & productivity, this is the single-most elite of cables available on the market. When put to the test, it is proven to come second to none even compared to our Pro KDCAN cable. Heres the gist:


• Flashes twice as fast as a standard k+dcan, 10% faster than the Pro-Cable.

• Compatibile with all programs that support k+dcan.

• Specifically built for stability for long programming/flashing sessions.

• Compatibility for all E chassis diagnostics, coding and flashing.

• Compatibility for Fxx diagnostics, MHD Fxx flashing etc.

• Built with highest quality components including gold 16 pin connectors and usb connector.

• Includes 1yr warranty.


**Please note, this cable does not include a switch for double K-Line vehicles such as E39, E46, E38, E53 etc, for use with those models you will need to add the double K-Line adapter option at checkout.

BimmerGeeks! Expert Edition K+DCAN

Android OTG Adaptor $5
Double K-Line Adapter $5
Warranty Option